What is the Danna programme? 

If you’re completely unfamiliar with the geisha culture, a Danna is basically the main patron for the Geishas, a person they have the most intimate relationship with. This tradition, as many others, has not faded, merely adapted to modern-day trends. With us, you do not have to select one classy companion to be your favourite, as by being a Danna, you get to pick your companion again every time you make a reservation through our website or our central phone number. By booking a companion via our booking form or our central number for X hours (whether it is for a nice dinner, a cool date or just some quality time spent together), you will receive a card giving you a 10% discount for your next date. Also, since sharing is the trend these days, you will receive not one, but two cards, so that you could share the other one with a friend, so he could also enjoy some intimate time with a perfect companion. You could also use it yourself, but since you’re going to receive a card every time you make a booking through our website or our main phone number, even if you use one of these gift cards, you are going to become a de-facto member of our partner group. This means that sharing a card with a friend (as a birthday present or a holiday souvenir) would make much more sense.  

So, what’s keeping you? Take a look at our companions, make your booking today, so that next time you’re coming to Budapest, you’d be able to enjoy the benefits of being a Danna, and pick any of our high-class companions for the time you spend in Hungary. You may choose to contact us through our contact form, or via WhatsApp or Viber at +36307139169 

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